Wow, what an experience (that's not sarcasm by the way)!

Getting the appointment letter through the post a few weeks before our scan date was extremely exciting for me and hubby. I think every fellow-pregnant lady will agree with me when I say that you look forward to this scan, particularly as this is the first time most of us get to see our little bean; with fingers and toes all crossed that baby is developing as it should be.

The day of the scan appointment, you have to ensure you drink plenty of water so that your bladder is full and gives a clear ultrasound scan image. Bear in mind that the appointment can take a while and it can be some time before you get to relieve yourself!

Sitting in the waiting room, you suddenly feel yourself overcome with so many emotions. This appointment involves having bloods taken to check for iron levels, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, HIV and Rhesus antibodies. I was feeling particularly nervous as I'm not a fan of having blood taken - I have the most pathetic veins and they never seem to want to part with my blood. I'll talk more about this in another blog.

The nurse called us in to have our ultrasound scan and it felt like my heart skipped a few beats with excitement. After twelve weeks I was going to finally meet my little bundle of joy.

I led down on the chair, rolled up my top and the sonographer pressed the scan device on my belly along with the gel they use (now I really needed the toilet!). What came next was incredible. She turned the screen to me and my husband, and we got to see our baby. As the sonographer prodded my belly with the device, the baby began to move, opening and closing its mouth, and we even saw it do a full 360 - which was the strangest thing as I couldn't feel any movement at this stage!

She measured the baby and confirmed our due date of the 14th November 2017. After she checked everything was where it should be and growing as it should, she printed a photo for us to keep. I literally couldn't stop looking at it - me and my husband created this human!

Meet baby Stephens.....

After the excitement of seeing our baby, I knew the blood tests were soon to follow. After being pricked like a pin cushion in four different places, the nurse managed to find a vein that wasn't holding onto my precious blood. She only managed to fill two and a quarter pots out of three for the blood, which resulted in me having to go back a few days later to have it done again (urgghh).

The appointment involved having my weight and height taken, and written down in my maternity record. We were also meant to speak with a specialist doctor about nutrition, however she had gone AWOL and so we missed out on this - although I don't smoke and eat pretty healthy anyway so this wasn't an issue.

The whole experience (apart from the bloods) was just amazing. I still look at the photo and can't believe this is actually happening. I'm so excited!

For all you ladies who have your 12 week ultrasound scan appointment coming up, do let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below. I'm sure it will be just as special for you, whether it be your first, second or third addition to the family.


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