You'll find, as you go about your parent-filled day, that lots of other parents (even people that have never had children!) make comments on YOUR parenting and choices. Whilst some of this advice is very useful, some of it can be down-right rude and uncalled for.

We've all been there, you've had to bite your lip because a member of your family, a friend or even a stranger have said something out of turn. It could be anything from commenting on what your child is eating, what they're wearing, their bedtime routine or their behaviour. It could be advice, a passing comment or suggestions based on their experiences.

Unless you have a death wish, here are five things you really shouldn't say to a parent.....

"You must sit at home watching TV all day!"

Now, I'm sure all new parents have had a similar comment to this at some point, particularly Mums who might be on maternity leave. Yes, whilst we might be at home, I can assure you we are NOT sitting on the sofa all day, catching up on the latest soaps. I'm lucky if I get to do this at all during the day!

Instead, we are feeding children, tidying the house, keeping children occupied, whilst barely having time to empty our bladder.

"You look tired!"

Ding ding, one point to you! I'm mum to a baby for goodness sake, what do you expect? Parents don't tend to know what a full nights sleep is. As well as the lack of sleep, we are constantly running around and looking after our little bundles of joy.

I never really understand the point in this comment. It doesn't help anyone, it only points out the obvious. And if I wasn't already feeling rubbish, I definitely am after that comment. I could sleep on a bed of rocks I'm that tired, but thanks for pointing out how bad I look right now!

"Well my child did ......... at six months old"

Great. I'm all for praising little ones, but when the parent is only saying this to get one over on you, it really is pointless. What do you want me to say? Oh, well done, here's a milky button? It's not a competition, every baby develops at their own speed, when they're ready.

"Are you breastfeeding?"

Woaaah, a little bit personal. Whilst to some people this question might be as simple as asking "Do you drive?", many mums have had a long, painful journey with breastfeeding that they do not want to share. And to some, it can bring back guilt. Guilt they feel because they had to give up for whatever reason.

Breastfeeding or formula-feeding is your choice. Nobody else's!

"How are you enjoying being a parent?"

I never really know what people expect you to answer to this question, other than "I'm really enjoying it thanks". You're hardly going to say you hate it are you - They might phone social services on you!

Whilst you love your baby, it's impossible to enjoy being a parent 100% of the time, unless you have some little angel that sleeps 16 hours a day and never cries. It's ok to find it hard, you can be honest.

There are so many more phrases and comments I can think of, but these are the five that most grind my gears. Parenthood can be hard and emotional, so any kind of comments of this nature are not needed.

What are your favourite comments? Let me know in the comments below!

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