I'm one of those people who change their phone case every few months. Not just because I get bored, but because I rely on my phone like I rely on water. Therefore I want it protected whilst reflecting my personality. As I use it on a daily basis, it's only natural that a case is going to get dented and scraped and therefore need changing.

Being interested in technology, I usually spend a little bit more on a phone than I would most other items. I like a phone to do EVERYTHING - take photos, access the internet, play films and music, basically everything but transport you to the moon - so obviously I want it well protected.

I was excited when mypersonalisedcase.co.uk contacted me to review their personalised phone cases (they also do tablet cases), as I've never gone for a custom-made one before. Previously, I would have a browse on eBay or Amazon and find one I liked that way. Photographs can hold such precious memories, so being able to have one on your phone case is worth more than a thousand words, as they say.

The website is easy to use and explains the steps clearly. Firstly, select your phone model (mine is an iPhone 7 Plus) and select the phone case you want. You then select an image (or images) from your phone gallery, Facebook or Instagram and upload it to the design template. Then you can choose whether to have your image/s in a collage, template or against a coloured background. You can even add text, Emojis and filters to add that extra personalised touch.

Once you're happy with your design, you add it to your basket and pay for it in the checkout process. Simples.

I wanted an image of me, Greg and George, which there aren't many of, so went with the best one I had. I put the image into a template, changed it to black and white, and added our first initials underneath. The options were endless!

The phone case arrived two days after it was ordered (technically a bit longer, but it was bank holiday!). It came wrapped in a black plastic envelope and was sealed with a sticker. I was really pleased when I first saw the case, it was just what I ordered. Not that I was expecting anything less!

The case has a lovely, quality gloss finish and the edges of the phone are also well protected. I chose the Full Wrap Tough Case, knowing that this would best protect my smartphone. I'm prone to dropping it. The fit is nice and snug, perfect - I've had cases from eBay which practically fall off!

I'm constantly reminded of good times and the people who make me smile when I'm using my phone now. I might even have to take a better picture of the three of us and get another case made!

Will I be ordering from here again in the future? Definitely.

Things like this can make great presents too, particularly for Mothers Day or Fathers Day. There is a gift section on the website which offers power banks and speakers that you can also customise. Perfect for gadget lovers!

If you're looking to make your own phone case, then you know where to go!

Because you're all amazing, I've got a 10% discount code for you to use on any purchase at mypersonalisedcase.co.uk. Simply enter code MPC-PR-UK-Mumma at the checkout. Code is valid until the 6th June 2018.

Whilst this product was given to me free of charge, all thoughts and comments are my own.

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