Life has been sooooo crazy lately, not that I'm complaining. My business has taken off with a bang and I'm so happy that it has, it's just meant that I haven't had time to post any new blogs!

Poor Stephen, he was meant to be my "Day in the Life" entry for last month, but has been very patient (thank you!). So this month's "Day in the Life" is all about said Dad, Stephen, from www.yuletimes.com.

Stephen is the writer behind the YuleTimes blog. He's been blogging for nearly three years since going through a tough time in his life. Stephen decided to start writing about everything that was going on and has fallen in love with writing since then.

Stephen became a parent to Austin in September 2017, who describes him as a blessing to his family and they all love him dearly. Stephen is due to get married in June 2020 to his fiancee Amy, so the wedding planning is well underway!

This is a "Day in the Life" of Stephen...

How old is your son?

My son, Austin, is 18 months old now. He was born in September 2017 at Whiston Hospital. I can't believe that my child is nearly 19 months old already. Where has the time gone?!

Describe their birth in three words.

Emotional. Surreal. Life-changing.

What is usually the first thing you do when you wake up?

On my days off with Austin, the first thing that I usually do is turn on CBeebies. It's always super early in the morning so I'm always greeted with Mr Tumble at 6am. Then it's straight to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. It's the only way to start the day!

In a small paragraph, tell me how your average day with your son goes to plan.

Our usual day always starts really early in the morning. Although Austin is sleeping through better, he won't sleep in past 5:45. We usually start with Austin's breakfast. He eats like a horse in the morning. I like to make him Weetabix with chunks of banana mixed in. After playing for a few hours, it's nap time. Due to the early start, Austin has been known to nap for a good three hours in the morning! In that time I get some jobs done. Washing, dishes etc. I sometimes work on my blog in this time too.

After Austin’s nap he has his lunch. Then we get dressed and head out to do whatever jobs need to be done. This might be some shopping, or a trip into town. We come home and play with his toys. He enjoys playing with his pots and pans set and reading his books. We sometimes kick a football around the house too (don’t tell his mum). Austin usually has his second nap of the day at around 2:30pm. After he’s awake he has his tea. The rest of the evening can sometimes be a struggle, as he gets tired and has had enough. When this happens we get out of the house. This could be a trip to the park or just a walk around in his pram.

Austin goes to bed at about half six each night. He’s usually done by this time. Sometimes he has a bath first, which he loves! I get in with him and we splash around with his bath toys. The days with Austin can be long and tiring, but I love my days with him. I wish I could do it more often.

Where do you recommend for a family day out/holiday?

If you are looking for something cheap and local, then take a trip to The Jungle. Austin loves climbing and going down the slides. It’s great for their physical development. A day out that we are very much looking forward to is going to the zoo. A little more expensive but it will be such an amazing experience for Austin.

Has your little one begun weaning? If so, what’s their favorite food so far?

We started to wean Austin at around six months old. Over a year later Austin still loves his food. He enjoys pasta and chicken. He also eats yoghurts like they are going out of fashion! I’d say that his favourite food has to be bananas though. Every time I open the fridge all I can hear is “NANA!” It’s great that he loves them as they are healthy. Not so great when they are trodden into the carpet!

Where’s your favourite place to buy baby clothes?

It’s not very often that I buy clothes for Austin. That’s usually a job for my partner Amy. The reason being that I’m not trusted to pick out his clothes. Most of his clothes though are from George or Next. You can’t go wrong with Primark either.

What’s the best baby-related item you’ve bought? And why?

The best baby related item we’ve bought has been the MyHummy. We’ve been using it every night since he was newborn and it’s really helped him to settle at night. It plays soothing sounds that replicate a heartbeat and we’ve never had any trouble getting him to sleep at bedtime. I would definitely recommend any new parent to purchase one.

What do you usually do to relax?

To relax I usually get my laptop out and do some writing. Having a busy schedule means that I don’t have a lot of time to work on my blog, so I have to take every opportunity I can get. I do enjoy other activities like watching sport and playing Xbox. It’s important to remember that I’m still a young guy, and not just a father. You have to make time to do all the things you used to do before becoming a parent.

What do you/have you struggled with most about becoming a parent?

I think the hardest part about being a parent for me is the tiredness. Life can get on top of you sometimes and it doesn’t take long for you to feel emotionally and physically exhausted. I’ve always said that parenting would be the best thing in the world, if you could do it at the peak of your mental and physical state.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

The best thing about being a parent is watching your child develop and grow into the person they are going to be. The small milestones that they reach which just make your heart ache. They do grow up too quickly, but seeing them thrive is the best thing ever!

Describe you as a parent in three words.

Enthuastic. Affectionate. Passionate.

What advice would you give to other parents?

If I could give any sort of advice to new parents it would just be to enjoy every second of them, because before you know it they are twice the size and walking around. You do wonder where the time goes. Take as many pictures as possible and savour every second. Also, remember that whatever struggles you are facing, they do pass.

Thank you Stephen for being a part of this month's "Day in the Life" blog (and for being so patient!).

You can say hello to Stephen at any of the below:

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