Updated: Jan 31, 2019

It's been a few months since I last posted a "Day in the Life" blog. As it's a new year, I thought what better time to start it back up. I've actually missed interviewing other parents and getting to know their stories.

This month I interviewed Lex from Mrs Nuttall Says.

Lex is a 25 year old mother of two girls, both under four years old. She blogs about her journey as a parent, whilst trying to hold together being an adult. Lex enjoys reading other blogs and learning about other peoples' life experiences. It helps her when she suffers from anxiety. An avid brew drinker and book reader, Lex likes waking up at midnight to eat chocolate.

This is the Day in the Life of Lex...

How old are your daughters?

I have two daughters. The eldest is four next week and the youngest is 22 months.

Describe their birth in three words.

Calm, beautiful, relaxed - Quick, tense, uncomfortable.

What is usually the first thing you do when you wake up?

Open the curtains, make the beds and get that cup of tea made!

In a small paragraph, tell me how your average day with your daughters goes to plan

Depending on what day it is our routines are different, due to work/nursery hours etc. But they are the same in terms of waking and tea time routines.

  • Wake up at 7am, we have breakfast and get dressed for work/nursery.

  • Nursery drop offs and work by 9am.

  • Collect youngest after work at 2pm and enjoy a snack together.

  • 3pm we collect eldest from nursery and walk home together discussing the day.

  • 4:30pm we all help and prep tea (the girls love to be involved in this!). During the time of tea cooking, we usually have a play/dance/read (or it gives me chance to do a wash and quick straighten whilst they bombard dad).

  • 5:45pm we all sit and eat together, have a pudding and help to tidy afterwards.

  • 6:15pm bath time. After baths, we get dry and then usually the girls are downstairs and enjoying an episode of Waffle the Wonder Dog and a story before bed.

  • The girls are in bed by 7:30pm latest. That's when me and my husband sit down and enjoy the soaps and Desperate Housewives!

Where do you recommend for a family day out/holiday?

We stayed at Lady Hayes Glamping last year for my birthday in May. It was beautiful. The girls enjoyed the BBQ outside, the tub and the fire pit. We even got a take out delivered to the pod and watched a film together in the evening.

Have your little ones begun weaning? If so, what’s their favorite food so far?

Both of my girls are fully weaned being the ages they are. When they did wean, my eldest loved banana custard and my youngest loved anything pasta related! They are good eaters now too, its rare they have something they don't enjoy.

Where’s your favourite place to buy baby clothes?

I love purchasing from H&M currently. I got a beautiful pink dress for my 3yo Xmas party, it was £8.99. Well worth the money in terms of style, material and sizing.

What’s the best baby-related item you’ve bought? And why?

Both me and my husband swear by our Baby Monitors with the camera. It just helped me so much with my first, being able to see her relax and learn to self soothe. Chilled me out massively.

What do you usually do to relax?

At the minute me and the husband are watching Desperate Housewives, so that's our chill out time. I enjoy having a scorching hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and an episode of something, once a week. Gives me some time out.

What do you/have you struggled with most about becoming a parent?

Having my first at 21, I really struggled with the trend of 'travel' taking off. I found it hard to find my place within the world of motherhood, but like anything it takes time.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

Having these little versions of you around, learning from you. Now my eldest is in pre-school, I attend assembly, and show and tells. It makes me beam with pride seeing the personalities come through.

Describe you as a parent in three words.

Organised, passionate, homely.

What advice would you give to other parents?

Don't be so hard on yourself. Time passes by so quickly. Every single day and action is a learning curve. It's hard for good days to stick out more than bad, but those good days make up for them 1000x. Remember you are learning too, support each other and be YOU!

A big thank you to Lex for being a part of this month's "Day in the Life" blog. You can say hello to Lex and find her through any of the below methods.

Blog: Mrs Nutall Says

Twitter: @mrsnutallsays

Instagram: @saysmrsnut

If you’re a mummy or daddy blogger and would like to be a part of the “Day in the Life” monthly blog series, please get in touch.

My idea for this blog series is for it to bring lots of parents together, through tips and advice on the mad world that is parenthood. As well as gain an insight into the hectic lives of other mummies and daddies. You’ll soon learn that you’re not alone on this crazy roller-coaster ride!

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