Welcome to June's edition of the "A Day in the Life of a Mum" blog series. This month I got to interview the beautiful and talented Pinar from www.beautybakingbella.com.

Pinar is a full-time mum who spends her days running around after her children and blogging when she can. She loves to cook, bake and create new recipes for her blog. After having her second child, she discovered the gym and hasn't looked back since. Pinar attends the gym a few times a week, including a Pilates class ,which helps to keep her stress levels down especially after a busy day!

Pinar used to be a skincare consultant and makeup artist, so she is a massive beauty junkie with more beauty products than she knows what to do with. Her other hobbies include swimming, reading and meditation.

It's safe to say that Pinars day is bound to be a hectic one. Let's see what she had to say...

How old are your children?

My daughter is five and my son is two.

Describe their births in three words.

In three words between the two, my daughters birth was long and tiring, and my sons was quick.

What is usually the first thing you do when you wake up?

Wake my daughter to get ready for school.

In a small paragraph, tell me how your average day with your children goes to plan.

  • Cuddles in bed with the kids

  • Get dressed

  • Make and eat breakfast

  • Brush teeth

  • Shoes and coats on

  • Walk to school

  • Back home and put a load of washing on

  • Depending on what day of the week it is, either food shopping, toddler sensory, play date, visit family members, day at home doing housework or play time with son (reading, blocks, colouring etc.)

  • Lunch then more play time

  • School pick up

  • Back home and get dinner on

  • Have some TV and play time followed by tidy up time

  • Bath time/bedtime routine - bath, pjs on and story time

  • Tuck each child into bed - kisses and cuddle

  • Off to sleep they go - and relax!

Do you go to any parent and baby groups? If so, what types?

Yes, Toddler Sensory.

Where’s your favourite place to buy baby clothes?


What is your most treasured item from when your children were newborns?

Their teddy bears.

What’s the best baby-related item you’ve bought? And why?

The iCandy Peach 3 Pram. I purchased this the second time round and it was worth every penny; very practical.

If you could pick the best car for your family, what would it be?

VW Tiguan.

What do you/have you struggled with most about becoming a Mum?


What is the best thing about being a Mum?

Watching my children grow and learn everyday, and of course the cuddles and kisses!

Describe you as a Mum in three words.

Loving, organised, patient.

To see Pinars blog, scrummy recipes and to see what she gets up to on her motherhood journey, you can find her at any of the below:

Blog: www.beautybakingbella.com

Twitter: @PinarRawlins

Instagram: @pinarrawlinsx

Facebook: Beauty Baking Bella

A huge thank you to Pinar for taking part in this month's blog!

If you’re a mummy blogger and would like to be a part of the “Day in the life of a Mum” monthly blog series, please get in touch.

My idea for this blog series is for it to bring lots of parents together, through tips and advice on the mad world that is parenthood. As well as gain an insight into the hectic lives of other mummies and daddies. You’ll soon learn that you’re not alone on this crazy rollercoaster ride!

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