Our little tinker is already keeping us on our toes - we experienced our first scare, with an unexpected visit to the hospital due to a small amount of blood loss (and I mean roughly the size of a 1p pence).

This happened one morning before I left for work. I was instantly worried, but thought better of it, rightly or wrongly. I began my 25 minute journey to work, but 5 minutes into the trip, a voice came into my head telling me to get it checked. It was right, I would be worrying about it all day otherwise. I pulled the car over and rang the midwife, who suggested I go to hospital to get a check over. I called hubby in work, who was an hour away by train, and he planned to meet me at the hospital.

One my way to the hospital, baby was reassuring me that everything was just fine by moving and kicking his little hands and feet. This made me feel soooo much better.

I was hooked up to a cardiotocograph machine at the hospital and listened to my little munchkin twirl, kick and punch his way around my abdomen. He moved so much that the machine was constantly alerting the nurses to a loss of heartbeat due to him constantly moving away from it. Pest. As soon as his Daddy walked through the door, this got worse. He was just so happy to hear his voice - it was the cutest thing!

The results from the cardiotocograph came back fine and they informed me that I needed bloods taken (you know how much of a drama this is for me from reading my "12 week scan: my experience" blog) and an anti-d injection due to my rhesus negative blood group as a precaution.

The bloods were a breeze, the nurse was an angel in disguise I swear. She had it first time, unlike various attempts other nurses have had to make. And they wonder why I have a fear?!

The anti-d injection actually hurt more than the bloods, the needle was huuuuge. But nothing I couldn't handle. Hubby had to look away bless him.

After an examination, it turns out the bleed was nothing to do with baby and was purely an ulcer on my cervix (which is apparently very common in pregnancy!). Phew.

After roughly four hours in hospital I was allowed home to rest for the remainder of the day.


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