Our journey with baby-led weaning has been rather eventful. From food fights and laughing to a kitchen covered in sauce, George has definitely had lots of fun getting to know the different flavours and textures within the food world.

I'm one of those mums that likes to create meals from scratch so that I know exactly what goes into George's food. I usually make meals in bulk and freeze them to use over the week. This is great, but sometimes I just don't have time to do this. When BabyLed Spreads got in touch with me, I was excited to give their spreads a go.

Not only do their products save you time and effort, they are super healthy and have no artificial preservatives. The spreads introduce a wide variety of nutrients, as well as flavours and textures, to your baby. When first seeing the recipes, they all sounded amazingly yummy. I'm a vegetarian, so they suited me down to the ground (not that they were for me!). I'm not bringing George up a veggie, but his diet is primarily vegetarian due to what I cook. There are also dairy free options, which are therefore suitable for vegans too.

I'm always wary about using jarred food due to not knowing exactly what is in the recipes. Someone once said to me, there must be a reason they can last months on the shelf. Hmmm (cue thinking face). This is another reason why I love these spreads. You know exactly what is in the recipes and they're hand-made!

We were lucky enough to try all delicious six flavours, which are:

Ricotta and bean

Avocado, red pepper and tomato

Carrot, apple and hummus

Green pea, rocket and dill

Red lentil and sweet potato

Spiced pumpkin and chickpea

What I love about these spreads is that they can be added to almost ANYTHING your baby is already eating such as pasta, rice and bread. George enjoyed the spreads in a sandwich, on toast, mixed into a sweet potato, and added to rice and pasta. They're delish whether you have them warm or cold. To be honest, he's not a fussy eater!

The BabyLed Spreads website also suggests using them as dips for breadsticks and vegetables, and using them as a filling for jacket potatoes. Basically, you can add them to anything and they're great for older kids too. As soon as I opened each of the jars, the smell was incredible and would make my mouth salivate. I did actually taste each one before giving them to George and can vouch for them as much as he does.

Once opened, the spreads can last up to two days in the fridge, which is great should you not use it all at once. The size of the jars makes them perfect for popping into your bag for days when you may be having lunch out of the house or going for a picnic.

The jars are available to purchase in packs of 18 (£12) and 9 (£6.50) (with dairy and non-dairy options), which I think is really quite reasonable compared to other baby food on the market. I will definitely be considering purchasing more. Added bonus...the postage is free!

BabyLed Spreads is partnered with the Bliss charity, who support mums and dads of premature or sick babies. For every 9 jars they sell, 30p is donated to the charity and for every 18 jars, they donate 60p. What more of an incentive do you want?!

I know a lot of my readers and followers can relate to this charity and what the parents of these babies are going through.

BabyLed Spreads was founded by Keith, a Dad of two, and what great food he's produced. I (and George) couldn't recommend the spreads enough. And as my followers know, I only ever recommend products that I love and would use myself. If you're looking for a bit of help in the kitchen when it comes to preparing meals for your little one, whether that be due to lack of ideas or because you suffer from experience in the kitchen, look no further.

Put it this way, I'll definitely be buying more in the future!

Whilst this product was given to me free of charge, all thoughts and comments are my own.

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