There's no better feeling than the fluttering and kicking of your baby inside your belly. Knowing that you created that little life and will very soon get to meet that little person, is an incredible thought.

You might not be able to see your baby yet, but there are various ways you can start bonding with him or her whilst they're only a bump.

My favourite at the moment is playing Baby Stephens music. He seems to react to any type of music, which means he can't be fussy on genre. I tend to go onto YouTube and search for "music to play baby in womb"; there's all sorts to play in order to stimulate them. I like to drive with my music turned up quite loud, and he is very active on those car journeys - he's either dancing or telling mumma to turn it down because he's trying to nap!

They do say that playing music to your baby whilst in the womb means they might recognise similar music when born. Whether or not this is true, I have no idea so don't quote me. BabyCenter has a pretty good article you can read on playing music to your baby.

It probably sounds really crazy to anyone who might have their ear to my door, but I love talking to my unborn baby. After roughly 16 weeks pregnant, your baby is able to hear muffled noises from the outside world and at 23 weeks will be able to recognise voices -- I think this is wonderful. I have a tendency to wish him a good morning when I wake up, whether he knows what that means...probably not.

Does anyone else find themselves speaking in that "cwtchy coo" voice when speaking to their babies and toddlers? I try not to because I must sound like an idiot, but it seems almost natural.

It's staring to become a natural event for me to start smoothing and rubbing my bump. It must be a comfort thing. Apparently the unborn babies can feel this touch and the thought that I'm that much closer to touching my baby, makes me want to do it even more!

Particularly when he's kicking, I love placing my hand on my bump and waiting for those little (and sometimes quite large) prods. It makes my heart melt when my husband feels it too - it must be hard for the daddies. not feeling everything us mums do on a daily basis.

I think it's important to find a way for the daddy to get involved as well. We get a physical bond with our babies from pretty much the first trimester, but once your baby becomes active, it's much easier for dad to get physically involved too - after all, they helped create this soon-to-be bundle of joy and are bound to want to be involved during this exciting time.

How do you like to bond with your babba? Do you find that playing music to him/her stimulates their movements? Let me know in the comments below.


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