Fun For All Ages: Kids Be Happy Sand Art

If like my toddler it’s hard to keep yours entertained, particularly on a rainy day, I’ve got just the thing to keep them happy (at least for 20 minutes!). 

We recently collaborated with Katy from Kids Bee Happy Sand Art (visit her Facebook page here) and was sent some sand art to get stuck into. 

The packs arrived in individual packets, each with instructions, a picture, sand, stick and ribbon. 

We took our sand art out into the garden. Not only was it a lovely day, but I thought as it was likely to make a little mess, it would be easier doing it outside. Alternatively, doing the sand art on a tray would collect all the loose sand and keep things tidy. 

I have to say, the whole idea around this sand art is fantastic. I thought we would be in a right pickle with glue everywhere. Glue and sand are a recipe for disaster in my house, like it would be with any household home to toddlers! 

Much to my amazement, the pictures had sections that you removed which revealed sticky areas the sand sticks to. This meant that you didn’t end up sticking sand to areas you didn’t want to. 

After applying the sand to the sticky areas, you simply shake off any excess and repeat the process. Tip: shake loose sand into a bowl to use again. 

Once finished, you can use the ribbon to hang your sand art picture. George was proud to hang them in his play room, but you could put them pretty much anywhere you like. 

This was a lovely little activity to do with my two year old. Not only is it easy to do, with minimal mess, it can be done pretty quickly which is perfect for a toddler that has the attention span of a fish. George moves from one thing to another, but the sand art managed to keep him pinned down for 10 minutes. To be honest, I think I enjoyed doing it more than he did!

This activity is perfect for keeping kids entertained during the summer holidays. And what’s even better is that there are versions for adults too - something I will definitely be looking into! 

Kids Be Happy Sand Art

If you’re interested in purchasing these fab sand art packs, there’s various packages available (monthly etc.) and they get sent direct to your door. Also, if you have a special event; a birthday, wedding etc. then there’s the option to have a workshop or craft party no matter where you are in the UK. 

Katy has kindly provided me with a discount code for my readers. Please message Katy via Facebook, WhatsApp or email (see pic below for details) with your order and quote “MUM10” for 10% off. 

If you buy from Katy, please tag me in your social media posts. I’d love to see how creative you and your little ones can be! 

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