Garden Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

You’re probably reading this blog because you’ve run out of ideas on how to keep your toddler entertained outdoors. Don’t worry, I’ve been there many a time! 

During this time of year, we like to make the most of the glorious (or sometimes not so glorious) British weather and spend time outside and in our gardens. We all know that the attention span of a toddler is about as large as a goldfish’s, so it can be hard keeping them occupied for any length of time. 

To save the sanity of other parents, I’ve come up with some activities and ideas (some that involve spending a bit of money and some that don’t) to help keep your little ones busy whilst playing in the garden. 

Paddling Pool

If the weather is nice, you can’t beat a nice dip in the pool. It’s not quite Spain, but it’s close. Anyway, that doesn’t matter to our little ones. My George loves bringing his dinosaur toys into the pool and tipping water back and forth into his bucket. 

Paddling pools can be purchased with whatever type of budget you have. From blow-up ones to ones that stand up with steel rods, there’s one out there just for you! 

Ride on Toys

Another idea that’s perfect for girls and boys, particularly those interested in cars and tractors like my son, is ride on toys. It’s a huge market and you can find almost any brand/type of vehicle in a mini version for children. 

Some ride on toys are electric, some battery and others are controlled by remote (handy for those who might have younger children). Whilst on the pricier side of activities, they’re definitely worth every single penny!

George is obsessed with ride on tractors and we often find him distracted by these when we visit farm parks.

Check out the huge range of ride on toys available at Ride On Toys. 

Sand Pits

Something else that is pretty cheap, depending on the type you purchase, is sand pits. It’s like being at the beach, without the hassle of being at the beach. If that even makes sense? 

Sand is not only great for sensory play - please make sure you buy children’s sand, which is non-toxic, non-staining and is less irritating for little skin and eyes - but is great for the development of creativity. There’s so many different accessories available too, to get your little ones creating and building all sorts of things.


Maybe rather obviously, if you’re in the garden, why not get your toddler to help out with some gardening. They’ll love getting muddy! 

Get them to plant some seeds and take care of them with watering etc. They’ll be chuffed to see their little seed grow. 

Paint Rocks

If you’ve got children, the likelihood is that you’ve got some paint lying around the house. All you need next are some rocks to paint - you can find some by going for a walk along a river or beach local to yourselves. 

Paint the rocks in the garden, designing them as bugs or flowers and lay them out in your garden as decorations. 

Mud Kitchen

Something we haven’t been able to purchase ourselves (as we don’t have a garden with mud and grass), is a mud kitchen. They look brilliant! 

Remember the days when you used to make mud pies?.....You didn’t?....Well you’re definitely missing out. Maybe now is your chance. 

Take a look at some fab FSC certified mud kitchens available here.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave enough or have an interest in carpentry, why not attempt building one yourself? 

Wash The Car 

We all know toddlers love playing in water and bubbles. Entertain your toddler whilst getting one of the odd-jobs done. 

Grab a sponge and bucket and get them to help you clean the car. If you’re little one has a rain suit and wellies, it might be a good idea to put them on! 

Depending on the size of your garden, some other ideas include water fights with balloons or water guns, hide and seek, and hunting for different plants and bugs. 

These are just some ideas to help you entertain your toddler in the garden whilst the sun is shining. 

What’s your favourite thing to do in the garden with your little one/s? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always open to new ideas too!

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