I can't believe the day (or night, rather) has come. The day that George spends his first night in his big boy cot, but not just that, he's going to be doing it in his OWN BEDROOM. What am I thinking? Where has my baby boy gone?

A week or so ago we bought a cot bed at Mothercare, which we arranged to be delivered to our house. After a few mishaps (on behalf of DX delivery. Thank you), it finally got delivered this week. Greg was in work so I took it upon myself to put it together whilst George slept - my nickname is Handy Steph don't you know?!

After reading through the instructions numerous times - these things never make sense to me the first time - I began putting it all together. It took me about 45 minutes from start to finish and was pretty easy if I don't say so myself. I LOVE putting furniture together, I swear I was a builder in a past life. The cot was just how I remembered it in the shop - white, excellent quality and had a bite guard on the top of each of the side rails. It also has three adjustable levels, depending on the age of your baby. We went for the middle height which is aimed at six to nine month olds.

We bought the cot bedding from George at Asda; a bundle, which included a quilt, mattress protector, sheet and guard. It's the cutest, with a jumping sheep pattern. It was a toss up between this one and a Dumbo one from Dunelm. I'm a sucker for Disney!

I knew this day was fast approaching, but hadn't quite let myself believe he truly was going to be going into his own room very soon. Until now, George had been sleeping in his carry cot next to our bed. So, last night, we put George to sleep in his new bed. At first we used the quilt that came in the bundle we bought, then we decided this wasn't practical for a baby his age, so used his usual night-time blankie. But after checking on him numerous times, he kept managing to kick this off. Now worrying about him getting cold, I suddenly remembered we had the baby-sleeping bag-looking-dungarees in his wardrobe. This was perfect. He couldn't slide down underneath it and he couldn't kick it off. Win!

It took a lot of faffing between me and hubby before we were happy to leave George for the night. What night-light should we use? Where do we put it? What about the baby monitor? Where's the best place for that? Do we close the door or keep it a-jar?

Even after that, I was in and out a few more times at every sound until I became a bit more relaxed and reassured with the baby monitor. It didn't help that George had slept quite a bit that afternoon, so getting him to sleep that night was tricky enough!

I really didn't think it would be as hard as it was, but I think it's so important to get babies in their own rooms from the age of six months. I can't think how much harder it must be when they're at the age where they REALLY don't want to go in their own room and have separation anxiety issues. I did get a little upset and, being a mum, I'm sure that's completely normal. There's not many times up till now that George hasn't been by my side. It's almost like someone has taken your right arm, and gone and placed it in another room.

The whole experience was completely fine for George as he woke up the following morning chatting away to himself, probably loving the amount of space he now has to himself!

Some people say that the baby's sleep patterns improve once they're in their own room. I know it's only been one night, but there's been no such improvements just yet. Fingers crossed.

Aww my baby is becoming his own little independent person now. It doesn't stop me from bringing him into my bed for cwtches when Daddy has gone to work in the morning though!

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