I can't begin to tell you how fast this pregnancy is going. I really thought it would be one of those things that seem to drag on for a lifetime, especially with being so ill in the first trimester. When I think that it has already been 28 weeks, I'm almost blown away. 12 weeks to go. Eek!!

My Uncle said to me the other day "It seems like you've been pregnant for years Steph", luckily it doesn't feel that way for me!

This is one of the only photos of me during my second trimester - I haven't felt particularly photogenic, as I'm sure a lot of other mums-to-be can relate to. The photo was taken at my cousin's wedding and I'm wearing a maternity occasion dress from ASOS.

It has to be said that my second trimester has been a complete breeze compared to the first. Trying to think about any negatives is actually quite tricky. I've had the odd bout of heartburn, which I have to say isn't nice when you've just led down in bed and hope to have a good sleep, but it's nothing a Rennie can't fix. I've been eating them like sweets lately. I've also felt increasing weight in my tummy, down to Baby Stephens growing at a fast rate the past few weeks. I'm now one of those pregnant women you see wobbling down the street like a penguin. That's literally how I feel anyway haha.

Greg has to push me out of bed sometimes, otherwise I'm like a stranded turtle on it's shell, with arms and legs wriggling everywhere. I'm definitely feeling this weight!

Another symptom which is new to the second trimester and bound to carry on into the third, is a pain/ache in my tummy when I wake up each morning. I've done some Googling (I know, I know, Google is not my friend when it comes to searching for symptoms) and it seems to be a pretty common thing. I'm conscious of making sure I sleep on my side, so not sure if it's just the feeling of everything leaning and being pressed to one side through the night. It soon disappears though after getting out of bed.

I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on birthing, hypno-birthing, breathing and labour exercises to prepare myself. Don't know if that was a good idea or not. During the first trimester I was all confident and superwoman-like, thinking "how hard can giving birth be?!", but lately I've become increasingly nervous. Which I'm sure is only natural - it's a big deal - can anything actually prepare you?

My fatigue hasn't really changed since the first trimester - I'm still sleepy a lot of the time and have bursts of energy now and again. I just thank God that I haven't had any sickness *touch wood* since the events of my first trimester. The only thing close is the after taste of certain foods which make me feel a bit nauseous after eating them. A chewing gum or mint soon fixes that though.

My midwife appointments have gone from one every four weeks, to one every three now in preparation for the later stages of my pregnancy. I've attended my second bloods appointment and also my anti-d injection appointment. I loved the midwife, she seemed so sorry for me having to have it (as the needle, I have to admit, is HUGE), but I'm so used to being used as a pin cushion now that it really doesn't phase me much. She was such a sweetie.

All-in-all, not a bad second trimester. I'm hoping the third is just as kind to me, minus the giving birth part, although obviously I hope that goes as smoothly as possible.


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