I'm Back: What's Been Happening in My Life

I've been telling myself numerous times over the past few months that I should come back to my blog, especially now that we are in lockdown and some might say "you have more time on your hands". Although there's only so much "free" time you have with two young children......

What was that I just said? "two children"?

Yep, that's right, back in January we welcomed our second little boy into the world (mad one that it is at the moment). Everyone please meet Max Gregory Stephens.....

I've been taking time since last summer, to spend time with my family and overcome the inevitable (in my pregnancies anyway!) morning sickness, preeclampsia and c section recovery. But now feels the perfect time to bring myself back into the world of blogging and share with you all my parenting advice, experiences and memories once again, and for the foreseeable future hopefully!

What's Been Going On In My Life?

Since 2018 we felt the time was right to have another baby to complete our family. After two miscarriages we got pregnant with Max in May 2019, roughly a week after moving into our first bought home (we had rented for three year previous to this). You know what they say, "new house, new baby". On this occasion, it was correct!

At about six weeks pregnant I was in hospital (again!) with severe morning sickness and this got better at around 18 weeks. Around this time, my Dad was also going through Prostate Cancer. He took the difficult decision to undergo surgery to remove the cancer in August 2019 (which isn't always successful), however with big thanks to the NHS and his medical team, my Dad is now cancer free!

Preeclampsia Again!

By September 2019 I was starting to feel myself again, but not long before I started getting symptoms of preeclampsia (oh no, it was happening again!). December just wasn't as festive as usual, with my husband spending his birthday in hospital with me and Christmas being tough with me not feeling my usual chirpy self. I felt awful for poor George!

I celebrated New Years Eve in hospital with the Midwifery Team at my local hospital. I had gone for a check-up with my consultant only to find my protein levels had more than doubled in a week and my Blood Pressure continued to rise. They weren't happy sending me home and I was told I would be in hospital until they could deliver the baby. I was currently 35 weeks pregnant. The consultant informed us that they were happy to deliver the baby at 36 weeks should I be stable until then. This felt such a long way away and I knew I was going to miss George like mad.

Crazy Blood Pressure

The day before I was to reach 36 weeks, my Blood Pressure shot up to 185 over 110. I was immediately transferred from the ward to the Labour and Delivery Unit where they could monitor me more frequently. I was given a tablet (sorry forgot the name of it) to control my blood pressure, that was different to the one I was already taking since 32 weeks pregnant. The tablet they gave me is usually given to ladies who go into premature labour. Unfortunately for me, it brought on contractions - the doctors and nurses couldn't quite believe their eyes. It was touch and go through the day and night as to whether I would require an emergency csection, and Greg was on hold at home just in case. I was so upset to think he might not get to be with me.

Luckily things were stabilised and things could wait until the morning. That morning, the 6th January 2020 we welcomed Max Gregory Stephens into the world via emergency csection at 5lb 2oz.

Our family was now complete.


I feel extremely fortunate to have given birth to Max when we did, before the current events in the world got the way it is today. I have friends who have are pregnant and have given birth during lockdown and it's been so tough for them, not being able to have partners with them during scans and their birth experiences being so different to normal.

Obviously since we've been in lockdown, we haven't been doing much. However saying that, we've been doing lots of DIY and gardening. It's given us the motivation we needed!

Thank You To Our NHS

A little message to our NHS staff...

Words can't explain how lucky we are to have such generous, selfless people working in our hospitals. They are putting their lives before anything else in order to protect and help those who need it most. As of today, the UK currently has over 10,000 deaths due to Covid19 and has affected most of us in one way or another. Please, please, please do as you're being told and stay in your homes.

A big thank you to everyone who is putting their lives at risk to help others.

Stay safe everyone.


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