I’ve been wanting to get George a Jumperoo ever since he was born, but restrained myself as thought what use is one to a little person that sleeps 24/7 and can’t lift their own head. To be honest, he’s still a bit small for it even now (its recommended for ages nine months and over), but at least he can hold his own head up. We have to place a large cushion underneath to support his feet, as they aren’t yet long enough to reach the floor. George absolutely LOVES being on his feet. He does that standing up, flailing-his-arms-in-the-air-baby-thing. He might not be able to balance himself, but if he could walk already, he definitely would be. The Jumperoo satisfies that feet-on-floor curiosity and enjoyment that he seeks so often.

This particular Jumperoo came out in 2016 and is called the Fisher Price Roarin’ Forest Jumperoo. We actually bought our one second hand on Facebook (the Facebook Marketplace is a wonderful place!) in January, as I really couldn’t justify spending a whole £80 on a new one. Instead, we managed to pick one up in almost new condition for just £20. Bargain!

I haven’t used any other Jumperoos myself, so cannot compare them. However, I have to say, they do take up a lot of room. I’d say we have an average-sized living room and it does take up a chunk of it - our house is slowly turning into baby toy heaven - but you can easily unbuild and rebuild the frame if this suits you better, easily storing it away when needed. The Jumperoo is reasonably light at 2.5kg, with a maximum weight recommendation of 12kg, which is roughly an 11 month old child. The measurements are height 67cm, width 69cm and depth 18.5cm.

The colours of the Jumperoo are great for little eyes that are just getting used to the world. With bright green, organge, yellow, blues, reds and purples, it’s a really attractive item. The seat cover is cute, in the design of a tiger. It is waterproof (much needed for babies that puke, pee and poop constantly) and can be tumble dried. I tried and tested this as soon as we got it home, due to it being second-hand, making sure it was clean and ready for George to use.

As George is still a bit young for the Jumperoo at the moment, he doesn’t quite understand that he needs to bounce himself, and touch and play with all the toys and activities around the seat. The seat also turns 360 degrees and adjusts to three different heights to access the different areas, which he hasn’t yet grasped. But he still enjoys listening to all the sounds and staring at all the colours. The little fella sits in it for about 10 minutes at a time, just staring at the different things around him, smiling. Bless.

The music can be played constantly or only when the baby bounces, so that it responds to their actions. There’s also a button, which when pressed, plays a “boing”, bouncing noise. This amuses George quite a lot. The toys around the seat include a chewable dragonfly, rotating ball, drag and slide frog, dangling elephant and twisting butterfly. All of which would entertain George (if he was old enough to use them) for a long time I’m sure.

I was worried that the Jumperoo would be one of those items that you buy, use and then store away for years to come. But that really isn’t the case. We’ve had the Jumperoo for over a month now and it honestly gets used every single day. If I need to put George down somewhere safe for a few minutes, to do housework or cooking (within eye sight of course), the Jumperoo is perfect. He’s generally a happy chap, but he doesn’t half need a lot of entertaining. The Jumperoo has saved us a lot of back ache due to carrying him around constantly. Hallelujah!

Overall, the Jumperoo is one of the best purchases we’ve made in the toy department. Even if we had paid the full £80, it would have been worth every penny. I think we might even keep it for when Baby Stephens No2 comes along!

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