Obviously, not every day is exactly the same. However, a lot of the day, due to routine for George, does seem like groundhog day. Which by the way, I couldn't imagine anything worse than reliving the same day over and over again. I like routine, but I do like a bit of spontaneity to mix things up!

The day usually starts at 3am when George wakes for a bottle. Me and Greg both get up; one of us makes the bottle whilst the other calms George down as he gets in a right state when he's hungry (I think they call it hangry!). One of us then gets back into the warm , cosy bed whilst the other sits in the cold chair in the nursery feeding him. This usually takes around 10 minutes. George will then wake again around 7am (Greg has left for work by this point unless it's the weekend) for another feed, but this wake-up isn't usually as bad - instead of crying through the monitor, we hear excited squeals and baby chat. For this feed, at the moment he has a portion of baby rice and a drink of water.

After breakfast, George gets changed and into clean clothes ready for the day ahead. Once he's clean, I either place him into his Jumperoo or onto his play gym mat. Whilst he's having playtime (and I know he's safe) I either have a shower or get dressed and put a bit of make-up on, depending on what we have planned. If it's a slobby day, then I usually just get dressed into something comfortable and put my hair up which takes a long five minutes.

George doesn't usually last longer than 10 minutes before he looses interest in whatever he's doing, so I usually spend an hour or two swapping him between play things. Around 10am, George has a 8oz bottle of milk, which he tends to guzzle down. Then, around 11am, he goes down for a nap which can last anywhere between 10 minutes and two hours.

I like to get out of the house with George, as I've noticed that he enjoys getting a bit of fresh air just as much as I do. Staring at the same four walls all week can get a bit boring. We either meet family, friends, go for a walk, go to a baby group or do a bit of shopping. This is usually after his 11am nap, so he is fresh and ready to go. At 1pm, George tends to get hungry again, so lately has been having sweet potato for his lunch with a drink of water. He's just getting used to his solids now.

After food, we usually have a cwtch and watch a bit of TV together, where he more than likely will fall asleep. I put him down in his cot so that I can do a few jobs around the house, whether that be the laundry, hoovering or washing up. When he wakes up it's usually around 4pm. I again go through different play things with him, trying to satisfy his very short attention span. Whilst he's playing, I try and cook tea, which finally gets finished after three attempts!

Greg gets in around 7pm (although is due to start a new job next week and will be home around 5.30pm - yey!), has his tea and gets changed. Once we've all had a bit of family time, George gets changed into his pyjamas ready for bed, and has a bedtime bottle and story to settle down. He gets put to bed sometime before 8pm, depending on how tired he is.

Once George is in bed, me and Greg have a bit of "us" time, either watching TV or going to bed early. And relax. Wooooosaaaaahhhhh!

Whilst not every day always happens this way, this is generally what happens day-to-day in a blog-nutshell. As I'm currently on maternity leave, things are pretty relaxed. Once I go back to work (aiming for two days a week), I can imagine the mornings are going to be a lot more hectic!

Is your day similar? Let me know in the comments below!

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