I can't believe George will be one this weekend. Where did this last year disappear to? What happened to my tiny little boy born at 5lb 5oz, who's now a whopping 21lbs?

In a strange way, it feels like a lifetime ago that he was born (in a good way of course). I'm sure lots of parents can relate to that feeling!

He is the light of our lives and makes us laugh so much. It's amazing watching him grow into such a handsome, kind, funny little person. I'm still shocked by how much a baby can develop within the first year of being born.

In this first year he's learned to smile, laugh, play, eat big boy food, roll, crawl, walk, and identify mummy and daddy (plus many other things that I probably haven't mentioned which aren't so obvious). I see him daily, but friends and family who maybe don't see him as much often say how much he changes each time they see him.

I have to say, it hasn't always been laughter and smiles. Being a mum (or dad) is tough work. There's been times in the past year when I've sat on the sofa or bed crying - either due to sleep deprivation or just not knowing what he wants - whilst George joined me in the tears club. I found it hard when he was younger, when he would cry, and I just didn't know how to make him happy. That's all I wanted to do, make him happy and see him smile. It can be difficult and I'm sure there will be more of those times, but it's definitely got a lot easier as he's got older. I just have to remind myself that I'm so lucky to have him and not everyone gets this chance.

Funnily enough, this exact day last year is the day I got admitted to hospital by my midwife for preeclampsia. I thought I'd be out the same day, but little did I know, my little boy would be turning up two days later via emergency C-section. Just goes to show that you really have no control over your pregnancy and labour - I wanted as natural a birth as I could possibly have. Pffft, yeah right!

What is the plan for George's birthday?

Saturday 20th October is the day George officially turns one, so we are taking him to his favourite local farm park for the day. That evening, family will pop over to see him. Sunday 21st October we have planned a little party for his friends and extended family to come to. My house really isn't big enough to host this, so we've rented the local rugby club that my husband plays at.

The party is going to be an under the sea theme (as he's currently obsessed with the 'Baby Shark' song), so we've made a few decorations to put up. I'll also make a bit of food for George and his buddies to eat. Luckily I have some helping hands to help out. I have to say, Ebay has been my best friend for ordering party decorations!

We've bought him a few little toys and clothes to open Saturday morning, but really don't see the point in spending a fortune. He's one and likely won't remember his first birthday in years to come. I'm all about the experiences rather than the physical things, which is why I'd rather spend money on taking him out for the day and taking lots of photos. I love looking back at photos I've taken and reminiscing about those particular memories, and hope he will too!

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us and our little family. I know for sure that George will continue to surprise us every day. I just wish time would slow down or that I could pause it. As they say, make sure you relish each moment with your babies and children because in the blink of an eye, you'll be sending them off to school and college. Yikes.

Here's to the next year, George, of you being the wonderful little boy you are. Mummy and Daddy are so, so proud of you and love you to the moon and back.

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