Pregnancies are very much mum-orientated and I think sometimes the Dads can feel a little left out. Yes, we suffer from the bad backs, ligament pain, swelling, sickness and headaches, but I think there's a little part of the fathers that wish they could experience it too. Even just to understand what we ladies go through.

It's not quite carrying and experiencing the feeling of unborn Baby Stephens kicking and stretching, but I thought it would be nice to do a little blog on my husband, Greg, to get him involved and thinking about the up and coming addition to our family.

I asked him 15 questions in relation to becoming a Dad and the pregnancy so far, and it was quite interesting to see what he came out with. So here we go...

Happy, which is surprising cons I think Steph's calmness and level-headedness, as well as perseverance. She has a lot of patience and I think that will come in handy when raising a child.

  1. Who will be more nervous when labour starts? Steph - she's the one who has to go through the pain. I can only support her.

  2. What has been Steph's biggest food craving so far? Steph went a bit mad for anything dairy; ice cream, angel delight, yoghurts. But that recently stopped. She's just generally eating more!

  3. What word has best described Steph's mood throughout the pregnancy? Happy, which is suprising considering you hear a lot about pregnant women becoming more hormonal.

  4. Guess how many nappies Baby S will go through in a year? 3,000? (Greg was actually bang on here, with the average baby going through 2,500 to 3,000 nappies each year. WOW!).

  5. What parenting skills will you bring to the table? I will bring discipline, manners, hard-work, effort and persistence. It's important to me that Baby S is polite and has plenty of manners.

  6. Who will say "no" to Baby S the most? I would say Steph because she will be the one spending most of the time with the baby due to me being in work. I'm hoping I won't be too soft though!

  7. From 1 - 10, how prepared are you for Baby S? 2. But that's because I haven't really done anything to prepare for him. Anyone who says 10 is having a laugh!

  8. What are you most looking forward to about becoming a Dad? I'm looking forward to teaching Baby S things and seeing the hard work come to fruition. I want him to look up to me as his role model, like I did (and still do) with my Dad.

  9. What will make Steph a good Mum? I think Steph's calmness and level-headedness, as well as perserverance. She has a lot of patience and I think that will come in handy when raising a child.

  10. What was the first thing you thought/did when you found out about Baby S? My first reaction was quite flat, as it was what we wanted to happen and had been planning for - it wasn't like it was completely out of the blue. I definitely felt a sense of achievement though. I was glad that it meant everything works!

  11. Who is more likely to enforce rules with Baby S? I think Steph. Mums are usually the ones who set the rules. I would be around to back-up and enforce those rules though.

  12. What has been the most stressful part of the pregnancy? Picking a pram! Finding the right one and comparing those on the market is really quite difficult. There's so many options and things to take into consideration.

  13. What has been the most fun part of the pregnancy? The anticipation and excitement of finding out what gender Baby S is. We were both surprised when they told us he was a boy!

  14. What one place would you like to take Baby S to as an understanding toddler? To see a rugby match at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

  15. What is the best baby item we have bought and why? I would probably say the pram, because we took a lot of time over picking one and think it's perfect for what we wanted.


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