We've got quite a wait, but yesterday we had our 20 week scan (at what was actually 21 weeks) at the hospital - the last scan, unless we pay to go private again, before we meet Baby Stephens FOR REAL!

The 20 week scan which is usually done between weeks 19 and 20, looks in-depth at the development of your baby, ensuring everything is as it should be. The sonographer checks that the baby's organs are in the correct position, that nothing is missing and that everything is growing as it should.

We had a 1.30pm appointment which wasn't too bad as I'm always so excited to see our baby again; it means I don't have to wait most of the day - I'm so impatient!

I was rather nervous for this appointment, as I'm sure most parents are, to know that baby is doing well. When the sonographer called us in for our scan, on entering the room I could feel myself shaking a little and doing that embarrassing nervous giggle - I'm sure you know just what I mean!

The sonographer, who's name was Crystal, began listing off the different organs that she could see to her assistant, who then checked them off her list. Mid-way through the scan the assistant said "have you spotted the kidneys and diaphragm?" to which Crystal responded "No". Me and Greg looked at each other with a concerned look on our face, but she soon made that disappear by spotting them on the machine. Phew.

As Baby Stephens was rather comfy and curled up in a ball, we had to go for a 15 minute wander around the hospital to try and shift him. When we went back into the room, he had managed to straighten out his legs for the sonographer to sex him (which we already knew from a private scan at 16 weeks) and check his spine in further detail.

I'm sure you other ladies get this too, but all through the scan appointments I'm constantly smiling. He really does brighten my day and I already love him so much. We came away with a scan image of him and had this for free as he really didn't want to pose for us - I'm just so happy to have seen him again.

I have to say, like I said in my 12 week scan blog, as you have to have a full bladder in order to have the most effective feedback on the ultrasound scan, it can be quite uncomfortable. This appointment is 20 minutes long and even longer if you need to walk around to move the baby, so you can imagine how set to burst I was by the end!

Have you had your 20 week scan yet? Share your experience in the comments below, I would love to hear them.


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