This week’s blog is a review on the newly launched pregnancy website Just to clarify, I like to keep my blog honest and from the heart, so when I do reviews, you can be assured that it’s something I’m 100% interested in, have experienced personally or think would benefit my readers.

When I first heard about this website, I thought "Damn, why hadn't it been around when I was pregnant!". Being a Mumma myself and having gone through pregnancy - a pretty rough one at that with hyperemesis gravidarum and preeclampsia - I know all too well the amount of questions and worries that can run through that mushy, hormonal pregnant brain at the best of times....

When will this sickness end?

Are these second trimester symptoms normal?

What are these pains down below?

Why can’t I stop crying?!

What are these boat-like, swollen feet all about?

Whilst it’s easy to go to Dr Google for answers to those questions (and believe me, I must have spent hours and hours googling pregnancy-related questions when I was pregnant), they aren’t always from a reliable source. Also, some of the stuff you read on Google could make you worry for no reason at all. Added stress and worry to any pregnancy is best to be avoided. That’s where Pregged comes to the rescue!

Imagine a place you could go to where any pregnancy question could be answered, without making an appointment with your GP or picking up the phone to your midwife (not that I’m recommending you don’t see them if you have an issue!), that had medical experts ready and waiting to help. From doctors, psychologists, nurses and pharmacists, Pregged ensures that all information is up-to-date, accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Plus, it's not just for pregnant mummas, its for you dads too!

Pregged aims to provide a platform where mothers-(and fathers)to-be can go for support and guidance, without feeling that they are being judged. A lot of pregnancy questions can be embarrassing due to the nature of it, however there’s no need to feel embarrassed or fearful here - nothing is off limits!

When I say nothing is off limits, I really mean it. The Pregged website expresses that you can ask any pregnancy-related question - "Remember there are no taboo questions or topics at Pregged, so please feel free to ask us about whatever it is that is bothering you. (That includes poop, vaginas, pregnancy in non-traditional relationships, or the best ways to enjoy your partner in pregnancy)."

Pregged covers topics including:

  • Conception

  • Contraception

  • Health and nutrition in pregnancy

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Labour and birth

  • Maternity and baby fashion

  • Parenthood

  • Relationships

  • Symptoms of pregnancy

  • Unplanned pregnancies

The site is very user-friendly, with the navigation and menu self-explanatory. I think the website would be usable for those technically-minded as well as those we aren't. The layout and design is simple, yet appealing, with clear messages and content.

Pregnancy can be scary, let’s not dilly-dally, but there are things in place to help you have a stress-free, happy pregnancy such as Pregged. I know that if I was pregnant now, and when (and if) I become pregnant again in the future, I will definitely be coming to this website for my information rather than Dr Google.

Pregged also offers parents and parents-to-be the opportunity to write an article for the website. For more information on this, please click here.

You can find Pregged on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Let me know your thoughts on in the comments below.

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