I have always loved food. Ask any member of my family or friends and they will tell you just how much I really eat. Throughout my life so far, I've been lucky in that I've been able to eat pretty much what I want, when I want and how much I want (within reason of course) without putting on much weight - although I'm sure that's catching up with me slowly!

Since becoming pregnant, my food habits have gone from one extreme to another.

In the first 13 weeks of becoming pregnant, I couldn't keep anything down due to suffering from HG. In this time frame I lost just over half a stone. I was reassured by the midwife that this was quite common for pregnant mummas in their first trimester.

My eating habits were terrible. If I did keep anything down, it was something stodgy and full of carbs - nothing nutritious whatsoever. Luckily I had Pregnacare to hand to ensure I was getting the nutrients and vitamins me and baby needed, although these were a hurdle in themselves trying to keep down - the tablets are huge!

I had tried every remedy mentioned on the internet, from eating ginger biscuits to sucking on lemons. I found that super noodles, toast and at one point crumpets, were my food heaven. However the thought of eating super noodles now is enough to put me off food for the next week. Just imagine super noodles coming back up....enough said there.

Since around week 13 and particularly towards the middle of the second trimester, food is now my best friend again.

Take a look at this picture for example.....

Enough food for the 5,000 right? Wrong. I cooked this for four of us. Yep, that is A LOT of food!

I am CONSTANTLY thinking about food, no matter what time of the day it may be. I could have just eaten and I will be thinking about my next meal. However, at least now I'm not suffering from sickness, I can vary my meals and try to make sure I'm eating enough of the healthy stuff.

I'm not getting any cravings in particular, but I am a sucker for cheese and coleslaw either in a baguette or with chips. Mmmm just the thought is making me want to pop to the local shop. I'm also enjoying lemon yoghurt and nectarines (at least that's healthy!). In regards to any food aversions, I don't really have any in particular. I've been a veggie all my life, however when my husband cooks chicken it does make me want to gag.

I'm now in my 25th week of pregnancy and since being ill, I've put on 9kg - that's an extra stone on top of what I lost due to first trimester sickness!

My husband has said there is only one disadvantage for him with me being pregnant. I'm literally eat everything in the house, which used to be his job. It doesn't matter what it is, if it's there, it won't be there for much longer. Left over Chinese, which I would usually leave for him, yep you guessed it, it's gone before he gets a chance to touch it.

I'm just enjoying being pregnant and being able to eat without worrying too much about my weight. This will all come after Baby Stephens is born I'm sure, getting that post-baby body back in shape.

Watch this space.


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