I'm one of those women who have an office job, so I'm not constantly on my feet all day every day. As a Marketing Executive, my role involves me sitting at my desk for the majority of the day, but I do usually make sure I have a little walk every hour since becoming pregnant, to loosen up my joints - sounds like I'm way past my years!

My experience at work so far (at 27 weeks pregnant) hasn't been too bad. The only complaints I've had is feeling really warm, tiredness - I work 8am until 4pm, Monday to Friday - and feeling hungry like ALL of the time. I always find my hunger is a lot worse at work as well and when you have access to a tuck shop, this is bad news!

I've been really lucky in that the people I work with are accommodating. In the office where I work, we are on a second level so whenever a client comes to the door, we need to go down to answer it. This can be a pain for me, being a pregnant out-of-breath hippo, but most of the time someone else manages to do this. I always have the option to use the lift, which not everybody has.

I often get told off in work by my colleagues if my fingers even touch a box. It's nice to know that they genuinely care. I'm also careful to ensure I don't get too stressed and worked up, which can easily happen in any job, especially if you're a hormonal, pregnant woman!

Where I work, I am the only marketing employee which means all marketing requests and tasks are dealt with by myself. I've built the department up over the year that I have been here and as everyone begins to see the benefits of what I do, my to-do list keeps on growing. Luckily I'm good at multi-tasking and organising my work which means I don't often panic or get overwhelmed by my work-load.

In the first trimester, when I experienced extreme sickness, I had a total of two months off work and my employer was extremely understanding. I appreciate that not all pregnant mummas are that lucky. I really thought that people wouldn't understand, particularly my male colleagues and those who have been pregnant and not experienced the sickness. It literally makes you bed-ridden!

I'm hoping to work up to two weeks before my due date of the 14th November, but this all depends on how I'm feeling. Last week I handed in my MATB1 form with my maternity notice, which made it feel all a little bit more real that I will be sat here with a baby soon.

If you're pregnant or trying for a baby, and you work with chemicals, x-ray or heavy-lifting, you could be risking your or your baby's health. If your working environment is thought to be unsuitable, your employer should take steps to find an alternative role for you.

You can find lots of useful info on being pregnant at work here.


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