Now I'm no expert when it comes to parenting. I've only been a mum for 15 months. But in that time, I have learnt a good few parenting tips and tricks. Mostly from our parents and family friends, those who have had years of "experience".

If anyone tells you that being a parent is a breeze, they're definitely lying - unless they have the world's first angel child. We all struggle, there's no need to deny or hide it. In fact, it's best to talk about it with other mummy and daddy friends. It's reassuring to hear that the sleepless nights, the food fights and tantrums aren't just things you put up with.

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood, but these parenting hacks might help you just a little.

Make tidying up fun

Since George has started toddling around, he makes such a mess. Particularly in the living room, where his toys are. Through the day, he plays with a ball pit, rocking horse, big ride-on truck, toy box, push-along walker and a load of cuddly toys. You can only imagine the mess!

Just before George's bed-time, we tend to tidy things up. To make this more interesting for him, we sing a made-up (silly) song - or rather, I do. And I clap him when he puts something away, which he then also claps along with because he's so proud of himself. Bless.

Give medicine through a dummy or bottle teat

Now this is a hack that I haven't actually done myself, but have heard about it. Unfortunately George doesn't have a dummy that you are able to access from the outside (the ones that have what looks like a big hole - hopefully you know what I mean) and has been quite happy to take Calpol through the syringe.

But I can imagine that if your little one won't take to a syringe, doing it through their bottle teat would work rather well!

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Cover a travel cot with a sheet to add shade

We've all got a travel cot, or will have one at some point for our little ones. If you fancy yourself a green fingers, or want to do some sun bathing in the garden, this is the hack for you!

Putting up a travel cot is easy-peasy once you know how. To keep little ones from exploring the garden and getting into mischief, you can put them in one of these with a couple of toys, and cover it with one of their cot sheets for shade. Summers can be rather toasty, so making sure our children are protected from harmful UV rays is really important. Oh and don't forget to also apply sun cream!

Feed little one with two pieces of cutlery

I know you don't have eight arms and legs. By this hack, I mean you feed your child with one spoon or fork, whilst your little one has their own spoon or fork. George, especially now, is at the point where he is becoming independent and sometime feeding him can turn into a mini food fight. Although, if he has his own piece of cutlery, he's more than happy to comply. I let him dip in to get food in-between the mouthfuls that I give him.

These are a few of my favourite parenting hacks, which I've found from googling, which is probably how you've found this blog. There's so many different things out there to help you along the parenting path.

Let me know your favourite hacks in the comments below. I'd love to hear how else I can make mummy-life that little bit easier and help George along the way.

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