Have you got the Ovia Pregnancy App installed on your mobile? No? Then you're missing out on something pretty special (and no, I haven't been endorsed for this).

I've tried various different pregnancy apps including BabyCenter and BabyBump and to put it clearly, they just don't match up. If you previously enjoyed used the Ovia Fertility Tracker App, you won't be disappointed with this follow on app.

I've been a fan of this app since I first downloaded it at roughly 5 weeks pregnant - I was keen to know what was going on with my baby and its development. I religiously used, and continue to use, this app every morning. I wake up and before I've barely opened my eyes, I'm checking what's new in Baby Stephens' world for that day.

The Ovia Pregnancy App provides you with daily tips, development and mini blogs to read based on your baby's development and the changes happening to your body.

But the part I like best is the weekly update!

When you enter a new week of pregnancy, the app allows you to see the size of your baby's hand and foot print compared to that of a newborn. It also shows you in various ways, the size of your baby in relation to various objects - you can change between fruit and vegetables, Parisian bakery, fun and games, and weird-but-cute animals. You can see in the image below, that Baby Stephens was the size of a lettuce at 25 weeks....and look at that little footprint!

On a weekly basis, you also get a detailed update on how your baby is progressing that week, changes that you might be experiencing with your body and the best bit...the weight and length of your little one. It's amazing how much they seem to grow each week!

The app also has other features (which I have to admit I haven't really delved into in much depth), such as symptom, medicine and food safety lookup guides, and you can set particular goals to do with weight, hours of sleep and nutrition. There's also a feature that allows you to join in with community forums and surveys, which is quite fun - I've learnt quite a lot from the surveys.

Once baby is born, Ovia have a Parenting App which, based on their Fertility and Pregnancy Apps, I will definitely be downloading.

I wanted to share this app with you guys because it really is great. It's free, easy to use, full of useful and fun information, and better still, you can personalise it to your liking. If you download one pregnancy app, make sure it's this one. I'm sure lots of other expectant mums out there will agree with me. Let me know what you think!

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