After about the fifth week I was hit with severe morning sickness, also called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which was my first real pregnancy symptom and lasted until the thirteenth week. During the first few weeks of having the sickness I was in hospital on two different occasions due to dehydration.

I couldn't keep anything down, bleurgh. The hospital tested my urine for ketones and because the level was above three (their benchmark for admitting patients) on both occasions, I was admitted and put on IV drips - by this point I'd had enough of needles!

It took attempts from a midwife, consultant and anaesthetist to successfully get an IV line into one of my veins. They also thought I was having twins at one point - yikes - but after having a scan, I was reassured that it was just the one. The staff were lovely though and couldn't have helped me more during my stay.

This is what my pin-pricked hand looked like after the first trip to hospital (the lighting doesn't actually do it justice). You can imagine how much more bruised it was after the second....

I learnt to, I guess, live with the sickness once I came out of hospital. By living with it, I don't mean going back to daily life. For the whole eight weeks that I was sick, I was off work and basically lived in bed or on the sofa - I became a hermit.

Slowly I began eating more and more. My favourite for a while was Super Noodles, but I found that ready salted crisps, Starbursts and flavoured water really got me through it. Healthy I know!

The Internet and a lot of my friends and family suggested ginger, whether it be in the form of biscuits, tea or sweets, but I found that after a while I couldn't keep anything ginger-related down. Gross - I'm now put off ginger for life!

Apart from the sickness, which was a major symptom for me during my first trimester, I haven't really suffered with anything else as of yet. Fingers crossed. I've had a little bit of heart burn here and there, but nothing I can't handle, and felt quite tired but linked this to hardly eating due to the nausea. I find that I feel lots of stretching and movement of my insides going on sometimes, particularly if I get up or move too fast. It feels like I pull a muscle. Google is my friend though and says that this is perfectly normal.

During the first trimester I was slightly worried that the amount of sickness would interfere with baby's development. However my midwife assured me that it's actually a good sign even though it might not feel it at the time. Suffering from the sickness means that the hormone which triggers it is soaring, doing good for the baba. I was also taking pregnancy vitamins which ensured I was receiving the good stuff.

Now that I'm nearing the fourth month of pregnancy, I'm definitely feeling the extra energy and closer to normality - whatever that might be?

Did you suffer in your first trimester? Were you a HG victim like me? Share your experience with me by commenting below.


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