After visiting John Lewis, Mothercare and a few other stores dedicated to the pram industry, our brains were well and truly fried. iCandy? Bugaboo? Venicci? Does the handle come up high enough (as me and Hubby are both quite tall)? How does the pram manoeuvre around? Is it easy to collapse and put up? Will it fit in the car? What about a car seat, does this come included? So many questions.

There are many factors to consider when you're purchasing a pram. It's not a fashion accessory, it has to protect and keep your little bundle of joy safe, whilst being manageable and easy to use for us mammas. It's almost like buying a new car - You want it to look nice and have everything you need, but you wouldn't buy a car that's got faults or isn't safe would you?

It does all depend on your budget because like most things, you can buy cheap or you can buy expensive. Just bear in mind that buying most expensive doesn't mean you are getting the best pram.

Most of the time you are paying for the brand name like Apple or Louis Vuitton. And likewise, buying cheap doesn't necessarily mean you will end up with the worst pram on the market. Research, research, research!

Once we had done a bit of our own research on the internet and seen a few different prams, we have our hearts set on the Joolz Geo Mono in Parrot Blue. It is a great all-rounder for us, as whilst it is mid-range in terms of price, it definitely doesn't miss out on the quality feel and robustness such as the Egg or iCandy range. It looks trendy, modern and generally great in my opinion. John Lewis are currently selling this pram at £699, £100 off its original price of £799 which is a bonus. Also, if you decide to go to John Lewis for your pram, they price match as long as where you have found the cheaper pram is at a physical store and not online only.

The Joolz pram comes with the carry cot, seat and frame, which are all really easy to add onto the pram frame. And if and when we have another baby (lets see how this one goes first!) the frame automatically holds the seat and a carry cot to become a duo pram.

Once we have 100% decided on this pram, Baby Stephens has arrived and we have had a few days use of it, I will do a more in-depth blog about the Joolz for those of you who might be looking into getting one too.

Do you have a favourite pram? What do you think about the Joolz range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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