It’s not until you pick down through the years, that you realise how many things you’ve actually achieved in your life - And to think I’ve only been around for 27 years so far!

If anyone was to ask me before “what’s your biggest achievement?”, I would be thumb twiddling and thinking about it for a good ten minutes before coming up with what I thought was a good enough answer. I’ve always hated questions like this as I don’t like “bragging”, however, I’ve realised that actually, this isn’t an ego-boosting exercise. Instead, it’s about reflecting on the wonderful things you’ve accomplished and gained.

After spending a bit of time highlighting and picking out my greatest achievements, I think I finally have the list ready to share with you all. I want to share this list with you because sometimes it’s nice to read something positive, rather than doom and gloom. It might even help you pinpoint some amazing things you’ve achieved in your life too.

So here they are (not necessarily in any particular order)....

Getting married

The day I chose to spend the rest of my life with the man I love. The day we got married was beautiful and I wouldn’t have changed it one bit!

Having our baby boy

Bringing our little boy, George, into the world. He has filled our lives with so much love and joy.

Starting this blog and making it what it is today

I’ve always toyed with the idea of starting a blog; I just didn’t know what topic - beauty, lifestyle, fitness, food......It wasn’t until I fell pregnant with George that it was the perfect timing. And now, the blog is nearly a year old!

Setting up a forever home

We are now in our second home as a family and even though we plan to move again in the near future, I’m proud at what we have achieved so far.

Graduating from university and having a career

I’m lucky that my life went the way I planned it to; going to uni, having a career, getting married and having a baby (in that order). I spent three years in university, studying business and marketing, and then using that experience to build my career.

Finding love at the age of 16

I first met my husband when I was 16. We became a couple and have been together ever since - over 10 years! I don’t know many other couples who stayed together through those life-changing years.

Visiting different countries

There’s still many more countries I’d love to visit on my bucket list, but I do count myself lucky at the amount of places I’ve already travelled to, including, Florida, Holland, France, Spain, Menorca, Lanzarote, Dominican Republic and Italy.

Receiving Employee of the Month

Back in 2014, I received an Employee of the Month award at the company I worked for. This award was given to me by various colleagues who thought I went above and beyond my general work duties. I was picked out of 250 employees, across the UK.

I taught myself the piano

It was quite a few years ago now, but over the space of about three years I taught myself how to play the piano - nowhere near the standard of Mozart mind! I’m not so sure I’d remember now....

I danced on stage at the Esteddfod

An annual celebration of the welsh arts, the Esteddfod is quite popular in Wales. It brings together Welsh acting, singing, dancing, poetry and more. I was lucky enough one year to dance in Cardiff Bay in front of an audience as part of the celebration.

So that’s the list of my 10 greatest achievements to date. Over the next 10, 20, 30 years, I hope to achieve a whole lot more. Who knows what the next few years may hold!

Now, I encourage you to write a list of your top 10 achievements. It’s such a refreshing exercise and gets you thinking about all those positive things you have accomplished. Post your list in the comments, I’d love to read them!

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