Myself and Greg recently went on a week-long mini babymoon to Brean Sands near Weston-Super-Mare, where his parents own a lovely caravan. It's a home-from-home. This was our last time away just the two of us until Baby Stephens makes his appearance.

With the fast-approaching new addition to the family being quite an expensive one, we didn't want to spend too much on going abroad. It was important to us that we just spend time away from work and general day-to-day life, enjoying each others company and spending quality time as husband and wife. No matter where that might have been (within reason of course!).

It was a really enjoyable, chilled-out week filled with lots, actually maybe too much, food. It's quite scary how excited I get these days about filling my belly!

Throughout the week we did a mixture of relaxing and doing nothing, and day trips - these are the best kind of holidays. I don't always like to be on the go, it's sometimes nice to just put your feet up.

Greg drove us out to Cheddar Gorge (after a rather long 45 minute de-tour as someone in a petrol garage gave us the wrong directions - we ended going up in completely the wrong direction), which was beautiful. I love the little gift shops, cafes, tourist attractions, ice cream parlours and restaurants - yes, I'm talking about food again. Cheddar Gorge is traditionally famous for its cheese and the gorge in which the village is located. You often forget what's on your doorstep.

I really wanted to explore the Cheddar Caves, which were more than suitable for a pregnant lady, but the price included some other attractions which weren't so suitable. Greg asked about a price to just tour the caves, but they didn't offer this which was a shame. I thought it was really pricey anyway (not sure how much exactly), so not sure even if I wasn't pregnant whether we would have bothered!

What's a holiday without a trip to the beach? We were pretty lucky with the weather in that it wasn't a complete wash-out, like the usual British summer weather. It always seems to happen if you go on a break away in the UK. So on the one day we knew it would be particularly warm, we took a stroll along Brean Beach and stopped for lunch and a few drinks (non-alcoholic for me) on the way back.

The photo above is taken from The Windmill Inn in Portishead, Bristol, overlooking the Severn River. One evening we met our friends, who live local to the area, for a meal in this stunning location. Our table was set right in the window so the views were incredible; we watched boats go by and the sun set over the Welsh mountains in the distance.

We had to laugh when the food came out though, as the portions weren't what we expected. They were rather small, especially when you have two food-loving gentlemen in your company. I had a veggie burger of some sort, which was delicious on all accounts. We couldn't fault the quality of the food.

The Haynes Motor Museum is the perfect place for petrol heads. I'm not quite as big a car fan as my husband, but I do like cars. This museum is full of all sorts of cars, new and old, of various different makes and models, as well as bikes. To be honest the adult entry price of £14.50 each was well worth spending - if you keep the receipt you can use it to return to the museum as many times as you like for the next year. I think we might have lost ours though. Doh!

They have a go-kart track for all you speed demons and hold various events throughout the year. We had a quick nosey in the gift shop, which is the perfect place to buy car-related presents. I have to say though, the café is quite expensive, particularly if you were to eat there as a family AND they stop serving food at 2pm which could be a real bummer if your a hangry mum-to-be.

We also had a little trip to Weston, looking around the shops and walking along the famous pier. Is it just me, or since being pregnant, do you see more pregnant women and babies than normal?

Although that was probably because we went to the amusement centre at the end of the pier which was full of families. We felt kind of out of place actually. We enjoyed using the 2p machines - how addictive are they?!

We had the best week and it went way too fast, like these things always do. Here's to our next holiday, after Baby Stephens makes his entrance!


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