This is a slightly different topic compared to my usual posts, but I thought it would be good to share the process and technology I use for storing and backing-up the photos I take on my phone. This blog is particularly beneficial for those of you who own Apple devices.

I apologise in advance because I am quite interested in technology and appreciate some people might not understand it as much as I do. But do feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll help as much as I can.

Only last week I suddenly thought, “What if my phone broke and I lost all of the 450 (yes, I said 450 - bearing in mind, George is only four months old *places hands over face*!) photos I’ve taken since George was born?”. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and had to do something there and then to fix that potential problem. Unfortunately mobile phones don’t have infinit storage space, and even if they did, what’s to save your photos if your phone broke. There are various different storage options available, from hard disks and hard drives to cloud storage.

My personal preference is cloud storage. With hard drives and hard disks, they are physical items (which can be lost) you plug into a computer/laptop/mobile to access what you have saved on it. Whilst cloud storage is usually accessible from any device that has internet, meaning your photos are easily accessible. I chose Apple ICloud storage as I have an iPhone and the cloud package seemed like a pretty good deal for what I needed. For 79p per month, I get 50GB, which is more than enough for what I need at the moment. They also offer 200GB for £2.49 and 1TB for £6.99 per month. There are other cloud storage platforms out there such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

I can’t vouch for Android, as I’ve never owned one, but with iPhones, you have the option to use the iCloud Photo Library which is great for linking your videos and photos between Apple devices, but this option doesn’t back-up your items. Therefore cloud storage is what you need. I now have albums on my iCloud storage, full of all the photos I’ve taken since having my current phone. It’s super easy to upload them as well, by simply clicking on the images/videos you wish to back-up and sharing them to the cloud. You can easily access them on your phone by downloading the “Files” app on the App Store.

As a plan B, I also upload most of the photos I wish to keep to Facebook. You can specify which albums/photos you want publicly viewable. The platform acts as another cloud platform, whilst also sharing (if you want to) photos with friends and family.

Unless Apple and Facebook - two of the biggest companies in the world - shut down, my photos and treasured memories are pretty much accessible wherever I am, whether my phone is dead or alive.

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