I thought this week's blog post would be particularly relevant as it is currently World Breastfeeding Week. A fantastic awareness week that celebrates the amazing way our bodies can provide for our babies.

I understand breastfeeding is not for everyone, whether this be due to trying and it not working for you and your baby, or just not liking the thought of it. In many places across the globe it's sadly still not socially accepted; I often read in the news about women being turned away from cafes, restaurants and shops for breastfeeding in public, even though there's a law in place to prevent this.

Personally, I want to breastfeed my baby and any others that might come along in the future, all being well. I know things don't always go to plan and breastfeeding isn't easy. It can take a lot of patience and perseverance for both mother and baby.

According to the NHS, 73% of mums breastfeed due to various reasons including breast milk protecting the baby from infections and diseases, health benefits for the mother and a way of bonding for both mum and baby. These are just a few of the reasons I want to breastfeed Baby Stephens when he arrives into the world.

I've heard many pregnant people say how their midwives, friends and family have pressured them into breastfeeding. I agree with them in that this is wrong, it's a personal choice that should be decided by the mum and no one else. What might be right for you, might not necessarily be right for someone else. Everyone is different.

I've made my choice based purely on my own views and have wanted to breastfeed ever since I become maternal, which was literally around the age of 8 haha. However, I am scared (because of society today) about breastfeeding in public. I'm guessing that every breastfeeding mumma feels like this at first though?! If you have any tips for overcoming this, I'd love to hear them.

Because of my character and personality, I think I will always be a nervous breastfeeding mum, never really feeling comfortable doing it in public. I'll definitely need to invest in one of those privacy breastfeeding cloths.

In terms of how long I will breastfeed for, if all goes to plan, I will do so until baby is around one years old. I am still yet to understand and research how an earth you manage breastfeeding when you go back to work, which I will be doing (part-time) after nine months on maternity leave...obviously you can't take baby to work with you!

I'm excited for the challenge of breastfeeding and think our bodies are amazing machines to do such a clever thing for our babies. I'm already imagining cradling my little boy and bonding in such a special way.

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